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In today’s time starved world, we lack the time to do a lot of things, and sometimes the things or rather the people that matter the most to us are left out, because we get too caught up with our worldly worries.

Our future, our children, are not getting the love and encouragement that they need.  It is a sad and unfortunately truth that we as parents are aware of, but at times lack the willpower to make things happen.

We at MindChamps understand this and have come up with an adventure for parents and children to embark together and at the same time provide an opportunity for parents to show how proud we are of our kids.


“I’m Proud Of You”

These four simple words can make a world of difference to our kids’ future.

The “I’m Proud of You” Day movement will kick off with an inaugural Champion Family Adventure in Singapore on 7th and 8th October, with activities designed to allow every child to share fun challenges with parents, siblings and friends – to show their skills and learn from their mistakes in an exciting and fun environment.

We look forward to your being a part of this exciting and forward-looking movement.

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